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"The Gordano Upgrade Process is Faultless!"

"RWA is one of the world's leading travel technology suppliers specializing in travel reservation, management and distribution solutions.

With a client base consisting of blue-chip companies we are always cautious when upgrading software that has operated flawlessly for years. Having just upgraded our installation of the Gordano Messaging Suite (GMS) from version 7 to version 14, a 6 year gap in versions, we were most impressed with the ease of the upgrade process. Not only was it faultless but the new version is much faster and more reliable, a pleasant surprise in an age when software generally requires more resources as it evolves.

As an added bonus GMS 14 supports all of our mobile devices out of the box, providing push email directly to the device without any third party software requirements."

Rob Wortham, Director - Solution Delivery, RWA Ltd


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